Want to Deepen Your Relationships? Try Ritual!

Want to Deepen Your Relationships? Try Ritual! with Ahriana Platten

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It’s a very human thing to long for deeper and more meaningful connections with other people. As we traverse the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth, some of us are lucky enough to discover the transformative potential of sacred rituals and their impressive ability to open our hearts to the interconnection of all life.

Rituals possess a unique power to stimulate our inner awareness. Being spiritually self-aware invites us to give more attention to our relationships, often foundationally improving the way we love others. Across faith traditions, we find sacred ceremonies and rituals used in this way.



Sufi Whirling Ceremony (Islamic Tradition)

Immersed in the mystical realm of Sufism, the Sufi Whirling Ceremony unveils a mesmerizing practice aimed at awakening the divine love within. By spinning in a state of ecstatic surrender, participants transcend their egoic limitations, forging a profound connection with the divine essence. This transformative ritual not only deepens the love between individuals and the divine but also cultivates a profound sense of unity among participants. The immersive whirl of divine energy envelops all, igniting a transformative journey that transcends boundaries. (Source: Sufi Whirling)

Tantric Ritual (Hindu/Buddhist Tradition)

Deeply rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism, Tantric rituals offer a transformative path to awaken the divine within and enhance love connections. These rituals involve breathwork, meditation, and physical intimacy, all aimed at cultivating heightened presence, expanded awareness, and the merging of energies between partners. By engaging in sacred practices like eye gazing, synchronized breathing, and sensual touch, couples unlock the dormant potential within themselves, establishing an enriched love connection that surpasses the boundaries of the physical realm. (Source: Traditional Tantra Yoga)

Handfasting Ceremony (Pagan Tradition)

Derived from ancient pagan traditions, the Handfasting Ceremony serves as a sacred ritual symbolizing the binding of two souls in love and commitment. As couples ceremonially wrap their hands with ribbons or cords, they invoke blessings from nature, deities, and ancestral spirits, fostering a spiritual bond that surpasses the physical realm. This meaningful bonding ritual honors the unique love story of each couple, embracing their shared journey and creating a foundation of sacred love that interweaves their destinies. The Handfasting Ceremony unveils the power of ritual to strengthen the connection between partners, infusing their relationship with a deep sense of spiritual significance. It’s a commitment of love for a year and a day. (Source: Guide to Handfasting Weddings)

Jewish Mikveh Ritual (Jewish Tradition)

In Jewish tradition, the Mikveh ritual bath holds the potential for purification and spiritual renewal. For couples seeking to deepen their love connection, immersing themselves in these purifying waters is a cleansing experience. The Mikveh ritual invites partners to release past burdens, purify their intentions, and embrace a renewed sense of love and devotion. By cleansing their hearts and strengthening their emotional bonds, couples realign their love connection with divine blessings. The Mikveh ritual serves as a gateway to revitalizing relationships, fostering a renewed commitment to love and spiritual growth. (Source: The Mikveh)


Christian Marriage Blessing Ceremony (Christian Tradition)

Within the Christian faith, the Marriage Blessing Ceremony holds deep significance in celebrating and strengthening the love connection between partners. Through prayers, blessings, and vows exchanged in the presence of God and the faith community, couples invite divine grace and guidance into their relationship. This sacred ritual embodies the commitment to love, honor, and support one another in the light of divine love. By embracing the Marriage Blessing Ceremony, couples nurture their bond and receive blessings for a lifelong journey together. (Source: Renewal of Wedding Vows)

Rituals serve as powerful gateways to deeper love and connection to the inner self and to others. More information about rites and rituals can be found here.

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