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From Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten
Priestess, Pastor, Peacemaker

Master Ceremonialist, Author, CEO and Founder of A Soul-full World Community

Ahriana's Sacred Space

Join the Business Mastermind for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

The marketing & coaching support you've been craving, all tailored to your uniqie needs as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Together, we dive deep into a transformative experience where purpose meets profitability in a welcoming interfaith environment. We offer more than just a mastermind—it’s a sacred space to hone your business skills and understand how your purpose-driven efforts can be both profitable and life-changing.

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Become a Certified Master Ceremonialist

The Soul-full World Master Ceremonialist Certification program is the opportunity you've been searching for to grow your ceremonial understanding, relevance, and practice in spirituality and business. We're ready to support you on your growth journey.

Upon submission of 12 performed ceremonies and a one-to one interview with Dr. Ahriana Platten, CC’s may apply for the title “Certified Master Ceremonialist.” Receive complete details upon applying to the program:

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Power Up Your Intuition

We’re all born with intuition and, like a muscle, it improves with use. When we consciously develop our intuitive skills, life becomes easier and more manageable – and our decision-making improves dramatically.

This "superpower" opens the door to discovering your life purpose and takes decision-making from “this or that” into the world of infinite possibilities. How do you identify, power up, and use your intuition? In this 45 minute masterclass, Ahriana will show you how.

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Change Toolkit

What’s in your Change Toolkit?

Change is going to show up and surprise you and you’ll handle it better if you’re prepared! Of course – you’ll need courage. And patience. And curiosity. But I’m not talking about HOW you deal with change.

I’m talking about having some serious tools you can use to figure out what’s changing, how it's changing, and whether you want it to change. Join me – Ahriana Platten, “the Changemaker” – to fill your toolbox with useful, practical, powerful tools for change.

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Envision 2023

Planning to launch your spiritual business? Already launched - but stalled out and feeling exhausted? Well established and ready to make a quantum leap in the new year? Not necessarily in business but ready for a new vision? 

There’s no better time to dream your dreams into reality! With the Business of Spirituality event recordings, you will...

+ Awaken your passion
+ Examine your dream
+ Find colleagues to collaborate with
+ Learn what works from people who know what they’re doing

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Introduction To Rites, Rituals, & Ceremonies

Learn from Rites And Rituals author Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten the simple practices you can utilize to include simple, impactful rites and rituals in your everyday life.

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