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Ahriana has been a very important aspect of my life for almost 20 years, in this lifetime anyway. Her soft voice, inner strength and deep beauty have nurtured me out of more unpleasant circumstances than I care to mention. I believe in her with all of my being, and I'm sure that once you meet her you will feel just the same.

Laralee Wahrmund,

San Antonio Texas


Ahriana sees beyond the surface of not only an individual, but humanity as a whole. In looking deeper and connecting with us at an intimate but not intrusive level, she comes along side us as we are, where we are, and reveals parts of ourselves that were previously unknown or unfamiliar to our own consciousness. She inspires us to manifest our better selves and in doing so, the lives around us are better for it.

Tracie Wood

Colorado Springs


Ahriana worked with me for a year and I was amazed at the growth she helped me experience. Her in-depth knowledge, spiritual aptitude and excellent communication skills challenged me to view the world in a way that has altered my life in an extremely positive fashion. I thank her for being a beautiful part of my life.

Sharon Meyer

Colorado Springs, CO

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