Soul-full is a global wisdom community providing inspiration, education, and insights for spiritual entrepreneurs in the transformation industry.

Soul-full is a community of spiritual educators, artists, healers and intuitives committed to living in holistic and life-affirming ways.

 At Soul-full, we honor all spiritual paths and lifestyles.

We’re attentive to the seasons and cycles of nature, and to living in harmony with the earth.

We value the arts as channels for self expression and joy.

We explore the inner landscapes that are foundational to the discovery of a person’s true nature, and we cultivate peace and ease in mind, body, heart, and soul.

Shaping the world is both our privilege and our responsibility.

Toward that end, we provide initiatives and education to support healing and transformation.

The Soulfull Community boasts a growing faculty of Master Teachers in fields ranging from spirituality and personal growth to health and the intuitive arts.

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Soul-full Founder and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)
Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten Priestess, Pastor, Peacemaker

As a speaker, best-selling author, and courage builder, Ahriana has guided thousands in unveiling their sacred purpose. She’s a Master Ceremonialist living from a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies that marry universal consciousness, interconnection, and inherent inner wisdom. 

In her early years, Ahriana desired a mentor who could provide the wisdom she needed to succeed, personally and professionally - and who would authentically guide her toward mastery in her field of endeavor. More than thirty years later, she has become the mentor she was looking for. 


Ahriana's global wisdom community, A Soul-full World, connects seekers and teachers in more than 50 countries. 

She has been featured as a Wisdom Keeper in the acclaimed international film and docu-series Time of the Sixth Sun. She writes a weekly interfaith newspaper column seen by 120,000 readers, hosts a podcast called "Meet the Masters," and, as a result of her work in the field of Ecospirituality, Ahriana was a keynote speaker at the International Gathering of Indigenous Elders in India, where she addressed religious and tribal leaders from 250 countries. She's been a panelist and presenter for the American Dharma Conference, and an ambassador for the Parliament of the World’s Religions. 

As a master of transformation and change, Ahriana today provides business advice and practical coaching to spiritual and holistic leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

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