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Welcome to Soulfull's
Interfaith Mystery School

A haven in which the timeless wisdom of ancient practices meets the urgent needs of our modern world

Here, we bridge the gap between the time-tested wisdom teachings of the past and the practical challenges of today, offering you insights and tools that have supported human growth and understanding for millennia.

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Our Mystery School is fundamentally about deep, soulfull learning.

It's not just an intellectual exercise but an immersive journey into the heart of spirituality, where the veils over ancient truths and spiritual laws are lifted for those open and ready to learn. Soulfull's Interfaith Mystery School is designed for those seeking both a comprehensive foundation in spiritual teachings and an impactful, meaningful understanding of these practices in daily life.

Spanning 52 lessons, available both live and in a recorded format for flexible learning, supplemented by biweekly Q&A sessions, this program fosters a vibrant community of inquiry. You'll not only learn from the curriculum but also from the shared experiences and insights of fellow students and instructors.

By joining this journey, you're engaging with traditions that are both age-old and strikingly relevant.

Our curriculum is crafted to equip you for the changes and challenges of the present day, drawing upon a vast array of spiritual traditions to explore the unspoken language of the universe and delve into the depths of your being.

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At Soulfull's Interfaith Mystery School, we are committed to nurturing your growth within a context of understanding, compassion, and connectivity.

Here's what you can expect from your journey with us:

 A Rich Source of Spiritual Knowledge - Access a broad and deep well of spiritual teachings, both ancient and contemporary, that quench a perhaps unrecognized thirst for deeper understanding.

 Practical Tools for Your Spiritual Path - Collect meaningful practices and tools that serve as beacons, guiding you through the complexities and challenges of life.

 Personal Transformation - Experience a gentle yet profound transformation, gradually revealing your true self and stepping into the light of your fullest potential.

 Renewed Connection with Life - Reconnect with the natural world and the wider universe, feeling a renewed sense of belonging and an awakened appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

 A Supportive Community - Join a circle of kindred spirits, where every individual's spiritual journey is honored, every tradition valued, and personal growth celebrated as part of a collective journey.

Emerging from Soulfull's Interfaith Mystery School . . .

You'll carry with you not just knowledge, but a lived experience that integrates your personal growth with the broader human story.

You'll find within yourself a wellspring of wisdom, knowledge, and strength, ready to illuminate both your path and the path of others you serve, offering a balanced perspective to navigate an ever-changing world.

This is your invitation to step into a more meaningful existence, weaving the essence of your true self into the ongoing story of the world.

Join us to explore, grow, and transform.

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Inside the Mystery School

Here’s a look at the curriculum, which does occasionally change to meet the needs of student cohorts.

This 52-week program offers a thorough exploration of spirituality, its practices, and its application in the modern world, fostering a deep, personal transformation and a profound connection with the broader universe.

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Full Course Includes:

 52 Mystery School Classes
Value = $97 per class, $5044 Total

+ 12 Live Group Q&A Sessions via Zoom
Value = $125 per session, $1500 Total

+ 12 Guided Meditations
Value = $30 per meditation, $360 Total

+ PLUS: One 90-minute class with Ahriana for deeper and more personalized intergration
Value = $250

Total Value = $7,154

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$350 per month
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*Students who Pay In Full receive 4 additional 1:1 sessions (one per module)
Value = $1,000

*All Mystery School Students will receive:

+ Written Course Materials

+ Recommended Reading List

+ Recorded Meditations

+ Ceremonial Activities that Activate Personal Development

...and Other Surprises Along the Way!

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The Director: Ahriana Platten, Rev. PhD.

Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten is a beacon of spiritual wisdom and the revered Director of Soulfull's Interfaith Mystery School.

From the tender age of six, when she first discerned the divine whisperings of the cosmos, Ahriana's life has been a testament to a profound spiritual journey. This journey was not one walked in solitude; it was enriched by the tapestry of encounters with esteemed wisdom keepers, venerable elders, and transformative spiritual educators spanning the globe.

Over three decades, Ahriana has delved into the heart of spiritual and religious traditions, practices, and processes, emerging as a custodian of an extensive and rich compendium of mystical knowledge. Yet, it is not merely her scholarly pursuits that distinguish her; it is her lived experience of these mystical truths, a testament to her deep engagement with the essence of spirituality.

Ahriana embodies the multifaceted roles of a High Priestess, ministering with unparalleled compassion; a Minister, guiding with profound wisdom; and a Business Leader, navigating the practicalities of modern life with astute insight. She ensures that the esoteric wisdom imparted within the walls of the Mystery School finds resonance and application in the daily lives of her students, bridging the celestial with the terrestrial.

In her visionary leadership, Ahriana harnesses her global network of spiritual luminaries to curate a collaborative faculty, each member dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of the students. Under her stewardship, the Mystery School transcends being a mere institution of learning; it becomes a crucible for transformation, where students are invited to embark on their own spiritual odyssey, supported by the collective wisdom of ages.

Through her guidance, Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten assures that those who walk through the doors of Soulfull's Interfaith Mystery School are not just students but pilgrims on a sacred journey towards unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

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