Transforming Dread into Growth

Spiritual Business Success With Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

For me, it’s bookkeeping. And taxes. What business task do you hate doing?

As a spiritual entrepreneur, we each navigate a unique path. Our business isn’t just a means to an end—it’s an extension of our innermost values and beliefs. Even the most experienced entrepreneurs face tasks they’d rather not do. Whether it's the meticulous scrutiny of finances, the endless battle with emails, or the daunting task of networking, these activities can drain our energy and detract from our passion.

Commonly Avoided Tasks

Financial Oversight: My least favorite thing! I find bookkeeping and financial planning overwhelming, mostly because I worry about making mistakes. How about you? Is money management stressful?

Email Management: I get 200+ emails a day. Responding to the endless influx of messages can feel like a herculean undertaking. It’s an all-day project that takes a lot of my time. I’ve developed a system for weeding out what’s unnecessary – but sometimes facing that inbox is difficult.

Networking: For introverted entrepreneurs, networking events can be energy-draining. Still, this kind of business is all about relationships and we need to find a way to interact with the people we hope to support.

Social Media Management: Constantly creating content and engaging with followers can be exhausting, leading to social media neglect. Social media is such an important part of marketing your services. Most of us simply can’t do without it.

It is valuable to remember that within every challenge lies an opportunity for growth. Here are five helpful strategies to transform the way you approach the tasks you dread:

1. Mindful Delegation: Find Your Tribe

You're not meant to walk this path alone. The spiritual business world is one of collaboration rather than competition. Identify the tasks that don't align with your core strengths or drain your energy. Could someone else do these better? Delegation isn't just about offloading work; it's about empowering others to shine in their strengths. Hire a virtual assistant to help with emails, a bookkeeper for finances, or a social media manager to enhance your online presence. This not only frees you to focus on what you love but also adds to the collective energy and success of your team.

2. Sacred Scheduling: Make Peace with Time

Sometimes, delegation isn't an option. In such cases, integrate these tasks into your schedule in a way that considers your energy levels. Allocate specific times of the day or week to tackle them, preferably when you feel energized. I do much better with finances early in the day. Maybe your time of peak performance is in the afternoon. By honoring your natural energy rhythms, you can begin shifting these tasks from dreaded obligations into sacred appointments with yourself.

3. Intention Setting: Infuse Tasks with Meaning

Before beginning any task, especially the ones you dislike, take a moment to set an intention. Why is this task important? How does it contribute to your higher purpose or the greater good of your community? By anchoring your actions in deeper meaning, you infuse even the most mundane tasks with significance, turning them into acts of service rather than chores.

4. Mindful Automation: Embrace Technology with Intention

Many of us resist automation, fearing it may detract from the human touch we want our businesses to have. However, when used mindfully, automation can free you from repetitive tasks, allowing you more time to engage deeply with your clients or community. Whether it's scheduling social media posts, automating invoice generation, or setting up email filters, choose tools that align with your business values and enhance your efficiency.

5. Gratitude Practice: Transform Resistance into Acceptance

Every task, no matter how tedious, contributes to your journey. Practice gratitude for the opportunity to engage with these challenges. At the end of each day, reflect on the tasks you've completed, focusing on your achievements and the lessons learned, rather than the discomfort they may have caused. This shift in perspective takes mental discipline and, when you commit to it, this practice can turn resentment into acceptance, and acceptance into love.

Let’s face it, there will always be things we love to do…and a few things we’d rather not do. It’s the nature of life - and business! The things we’d rather not do can be transformed when we lean into them rather than avoiding them. In the challenges of life, we find the potential for growth.

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