Simple Ceremonies: Blessing Our Planet on Earth Day

Simple Ceremonies with A Soul-full World By Ahriana Platten

Earth day is just around the corner (Monday, April 22nd). It’s a perfect time to reflect on the deep connections we share with our beautiful planet. I know “every day is Earth Day,” but I also understand that when many of us gather with a specific focus, the group consciousness is powerful! Doing something special on Earth Day can be powerful for our planet.

In case you’d like to do something, alone or with friends, here’s a simple ceremony to send love, light, and healing to the Earth.

Preparing for the Ceremony

Setting the Space: Choose a peaceful spot in nature, perhaps in your garden, a park, or near a body of water. The presence of natural elements will enhance your connection to the Earth during the ceremony.

Gathering Materials:

  • Natural items such as stones, flowers, or leaves

  • A small bowl of clean water

  • Biodegradable offerings such as seeds or herbs

  • A white or green candle

Cleansing the Space: Begin by cleansing your ceremonial area. You can use smudge sticks like sage or palo santo, or cleanse using the power of your intention. I often use a rattle to “shake up” and disperse any energy that is not healthy for the work I plan to do.

As you cleanse, visualizing the release of any negative energy, remember that the energy you release must be transmuted. Say a prayer such as “Brother Wind, take the energy we release and transform it. Cleanse it of impurities and negativity. Then allow this energy to move to the place where it is most needed.”

Grounding and Centering: If you can, stand barefoot on the Earth, feeling the soil or grass beneath your feet. Close your eyes and breath, relaxing into the present moment. Visualize roots extending from your feet deep into the Earth, connecting you to its core. You are one with the earth, not just a visitor walking on it. Let yourself be in relationship with the living planet.

Lighting the Candle: Light your candle and place it in a safe holder. As you light it, set your intention using words like “With this light, I bring energy and focus to my love and gratitude for our Earth.”

Offering of Natural Elements: Take the natural items you’ve gathered and hold them in your hands. Feel their texture and weight, connecting with their essence. Place them around your candle as symbols of the Earth’s gifts. As you arrange them, express your gratitude for the Earth’s diverse gifts. Speak about each one. If you have other people in your ceremony, you might want to invite them to speak about the gifts the Earth offers us.

Water Blessing: Hold your bowl of water towards the sky, then lower it in front of you, symbolizing the connection between heaven and Earth. Speak words of blessing over the water, such as, “May this water carry the essence of life, healing, and love to all corners of the Earth.” Gently pour the water onto the ground or into a plant, imagining it seeping into the Earth, carrying your blessings deep into its soil and notice that the energy flows out to others who need it.

Planting Seeds or Herbs: Now take your seeds or herbs and hold them in your cupped hands. Close your eyes and bless these seeds with your breath and intentions. You might say, “These seeds represent new beginnings and growth. May they flourish and bring nourishment and beauty to the Earth.” Plant the seeds in the soil or in a pot, feeling your connection to the cycle of life and growth. I like to do this with grass seed, then sprinkle it on my lawn.

Closing the Ceremony: As the ceremony concludes, place your hands on the Earth or in the soil where you have planted your seeds. Take a moment to feel the energy of the ground beneath you, acknowledging your shared journey with the Earth. You might say, “Thank you, Earth, for your gifts, resilience, and beauty. I commit to nurturing and protecting you, just as you nurture and protect me.”

Reflecting and Sending Love: Standing where you are, close your eyes. Imagine sending a beam of light and love from your heart deep into the Earth and see it spreading across the globe. Visualize the planet bathed in a warm, healing glow, touching every creature, plant, and landscape.

Ending with Gratitude: Open your eyes and take a few deep breaths, bringing your ceremony to a close. Feel gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the Earth in such a sweet and spiritual way. You may wish to end with words like, “With love and light, I seal this sacred ceremony. May the blessings I have shared today radiate outward and inspire others to honor and protect our beautiful planet.”

As you gather your materials and leave the space, carry the peace and love from this ceremony with you. Remember that each small act of love and care for the planet contributes to a greater harmony and health of our environment.

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