Living From Your Ethical Center

Pracitcal Wisdom with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

I have had a challenging week as my spiritual beliefs and my ability to stand in integrity with an organization I am affiliated with came under question. Life offers some unique opportunities to reflect on judgment and discernment.

Feeling judged is never fun. Discerning how to stand in one’s sovereignty and move forward with integrity is important. In the midst of such trials, where my spiritual beliefs and integrity intertwine with the complexities presented by life, I've found it vital to seek solace and strength within myself.

I navigate these turbulent waters with as much grace and resilience as possible, using very specific tools. Maybe these tools will be helpful for you when you are in a similar situation:

I Cultivate a Practice of Mindful Reflection:

During moments of turmoil, I turn inward. I’ve established daily practices that allows me to connect deeply with my inner self. This isn’t about finding immediate answers or solutions but about listening to the quiet wisdom that resides within me. Through mindful reflection, I uncover insights into my values and how they align with my actions in the external world. I've learned that it's in stillness that we often find the strength to stand firm in our sovereignty.

I Embrace Compassionate Self-Dialogue:

I do my best to approach myself with the same compassion and understanding I would offer a dear friend in distress. Recognizing that feeling judged or questioning my place within an organization can lead to self-criticism or doubt, I engage in gentle, compassionate self-dialogue. I remind myself of my inherent worth, my journey, and the values that guide me. By nurturing my relationship with myself, I reaffirm my commitment to move forward with integrity, regardless of external judgments or pressures. It's through self-compassion that I find the courage to uphold my truths in the face of adversity.

I Seek Connectedness with Like-minded Souls:

In times of spiritual questioning or ethical dilemmas, the support of a community that shares my values has been incredibly affirming. I reach out to trusted friends, mentors, or spiritual guides who provide perspective, understanding, and empathy. Engaging in heartfelt conversations with those who respect my journey offers both solace and strength. This connectedness reminds me that I'm not alone in my quest for integrity and that my experiences, while unique, are part of a larger tapestry of humans striving towards authenticity and truth.

As I navigate this challenging period, I remind myself that each moment of judgment or discernment is an opportunity for growth. It's in these trials that I'm invited to deepen my understanding of who I am and what I stand for. Standing in my sovereignty, with integrity, is a testament to my commitment to my spiritual path and personal ethics.

May we all find peace in the knowledge that our journeys, with all their trials and triumphs, are a beautiful reflection of our unwavering commitment to living our truth.

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