Exploring Balance

Exploring Balance Healing Faith By Ahriana Platten | A Soul-Full World Spiritual Community

I often marvel that the Source of Life – Divine Presence – holds the universe in such remarkable balance. How is it that the planets and the stars move relentlessly through space, seemingly out of control, and yet in my lifetime, our solar system remains somehow intact, having never spun itself into oblivion?

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Spring Equinox – a time when we recognize that the light of the sun will increase with each day. Going forward, seeds will sprout, and life will be called into the action of awakening. It’s time to bring the dreams of winter into the sunlight, where they can blossom.

Even as we awaken, I think of my son in South Africa for whom this Equinox heralds something different. Those in the Southern Hemisphere mark this as the time of increasing darkness. They’re moving into the Autumn, a time to notice what they’ve harvested through the summer, a time to share harvest blessings with friends and community, and before too long, a time to release what has completed its cycle of growth.

Spring and Fall. Life in balance.

It can be challenging to remember balance when life feels as though it's spinning out of control but if we look, we’ll see signs of it, as assuredly as we see signs of the changing seasons. In times of sickness, look to see what is healthy. In times of financial lack, explore the prosperity of birdsong, moonlight, and children laughing – the abundant blessings of life. In times of war, turn your heart toward peace and see how quickly you find it's quiet within and all around you.

And, what we fail to see, we must become – because we’re key components in the eternal balance of life.

It’s tempting to allow our awareness to take up residence in a world of fear, discomfort, and angst. We can feed those things with our attention – or we can call ourselves to balance. This takes effort. I sometimes feel guilty when I think about peace during times when others are suffering war, but here’s a thought; Science is exploring consciousness and finding that we’re all somehow more deeply connected than we ever imagined.  For science this is a relatively new "fact," but for spiritual people, this is ancient wisdom. In the field of collective consciousness, when we bring forth a moment of peace, another who is in pain may somehow feel its presence and find hope. The ways we touch each other’s lives are profound and miraculous. If you knew that by creating peace in your own heart, you could give a touchstone to another who is struggling, would you take the time to do it? It’s a wild thing to consider – and it’s a "fact” spiritually inclined people understand to be true.

Today, I wish you peace – and the balance of the changing season.

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