And Speaking of God... Is There One?

Pracitcal Wisdom with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

Personally, I have explored the concept of a “God/ Goddess/ All-That-Is” from many different perspectives. What I’ve come to understand from my own experience is that there is something more. Something with greater wisdom. Something capable of moving through my consciousness and seeding my thoughts and dreams. Something that does not require worship and respects free will. This “Something” has shown up with multiple faces and voices in my life and has moved through me to provide answers when my mind had none. It often speaks through me when I teach, surprising me with information that has come from someplace other than books or previous research. When it speaks, the words feel different in my vocal cords.

Can I prove to someone else that this “Something” exists? No. But it has been proven to me through my own interaction with it – and no one can “un-prove” that.

In the vast expanse of our universe, the question of a Divine Source has sparked debates, inspired religions, and driven the spiritually curious to seek answers that lie beyond the tangible world. From a philosophical standpoint, the concept of “The Holy” often transcends empirical evidence and enters the realm of metaphysical debate. Ancient philosophers like Plato and Aristotle contemplated the idea of a Prime Mover, an initial cause of all existence. In modern times, we ask differently – does the complexity and order of the universe imply a higher intelligence, or is it merely a product of random chance?”

Of course, science seeks to understand the universe through observable and measurable phenomena. While science has unraveled many mysteries of the physical world, the existence of God remains elusive in this framework. Some scientists argue that the laws of physics themselves are evidence of a grand design, possibly pointing to a Divine Creator. Others, however, explain that science and religion answer fundamentally different questions. The former deals with the 'how' of the universe, while the latter tackles the 'why'. From that perspective, science can never answer the question about a “Great Spirit’s” existence.

The Spiritual Experience

To be sure, the presence of Universal Love is most palpable through personal spiritual experiences. These moments, often described as transcendent or mystical, provide individuals with a direct sense of connection to something greater than themselves. Whether it's through prayer, meditation, or an immersion encounter with nature, these experiences can be life-changing and are as diverse as the individuals who have them. But then – God could be very diverse, couldn’t He, She, It? I’ve always believed this “Divine Source Energy” underlies all life and can express in all ways.

Different religions offer various interpretations of God, from the monotheistic views of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to the polytheistic traditions of Pagan faiths. Even within Buddhism, which is non-theistic, there exists a reverence for the sacredness of life and the universe, which some might argue is a form of divine acknowledgment.

Is There an Answer?

The question of some “Supernatural Guide” doesn’t have a definitive answer that satisfies everyone. It is both a deeply personal journey and a universal query that has shaped human civilization. For some, God is an undeniable truth, an essential part of the human experience. For others, The Holy is a metaphor, a symbol of the highest ideals and aspirations of humanity. And for still others, the question remains open, a mystery to be explored rather than solved. In this exploration, we find not only the depths of our intellect and the breadth of our curiosity but also the essence of our being.

So, is there a God? Perhaps the more beneficial question is not whether God exists, but what we discover in our quest to answer that question.

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