Practical Wisdom: Embracing the Season of Release

Practical Wisdom with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

As the morning sun kisses the horizon, we mark not only the beginning of autumn but also the commencement of a season of spiritual release. The universe, in its intricate ballet of nature and energy, has rhythms that our souls innately dance to, even if our conscious minds remain oblivious.

One of the most enchanting and deeply symbolic demonstrations of this rhythm is the trees. As the nights grow longer and the air turns cooler, trees don't desperately clutch onto their leaves. They gracefully release them, painting the world with a cascade of oranges, reds, and yellows. This is not just a matter of survival but also a divine lesson in the art of letting go.

Much like the trees, there comes a time when we, too, need to release things – be they people, ideas, beliefs, or even past versions of ourselves – to pave the way for renewal and growth.

Identifying What to Release

While the trees have an innate sense of timing, we might need a little introspection to identify what no longer serves our highest good. Here are a few spiritual pathways to help you discern and embark upon your journey of release:

Silent Reflection:

Retreat to a quiet space and meditate on your life's current circumstances. What feels heavy? What brings you unease? Often, the burdens we need to shed make themselves known in the quiet moments.

Physical Clues:

Our bodies are mirrors of our emotional and spiritual well-being. Persistent discomforts, ailments, or even just a sense of heaviness can be signals from our body that something in our life needs to change or be let go. I always wonder why we do spring cleaning when it seems most natural to do the cleaning and clearing of closets and excess stuff in the fall.

The Joy Test:

Think about the people, commitments, and beliefs in your life. Which ones light you up? Which ones dim your glow? If something or someone consistently fails to bring joy, perhaps it's time to consider whether it (or they) has a place in your life.

Seek External Insight:

Sometimes, we're too close to a situation to view it clearly. Trusted friends, family, or spiritual advisors can provide an external perspective on what might be holding us back. Now is a good time to share your story and gain objective insights.

Journaling the Journey:

Pour your thoughts onto paper without restraint. As you write, patterns may emerge, highlighting the areas, beliefs, or promises you’ve made yourself that you might need to release. Look especially closely at the beliefs you have about yourself. Give the inner critic a vacation.

Taking Steps to Release

Identifying what needs to be let go is just the first step. Actively releasing can be a challenge, but it’s here that we find the transformative power of the fall equinox.

Ceremonial Goodbyes:

Create a small ceremony for yourself. This could be as simple as lighting a candle, writing down what you're releasing, and then safely burning the paper. Or it could be a walk in nature where you symbolically leave behind what no longer serves you. I like to take a sharpie and write on fallen leaves, then return them to the ground where they can disintegrate, taking whatever I leave with them.

Affirmative Declarations:

This is a little “reverse psychology.” Use affirmations to reshape your beliefs. For instance, if you're letting go of self-doubt, affirm each day: "I trust in my abilities and embrace my true self."

Seek Support:

Engage in support groups, therapy, or spiritual communities that can assist you in your journey of release. Often, we are best able to release when we feel supported in finding our own truth and accepted and love amidst the process of change.

Nature's Embrace:

Spend time in nature, especially with trees. Observe their process of letting go and draw parallels to your own life. What are your true colors? Are you willing to share them with the world? You may be surprised how beautiful other people find your authenticity.

Embrace Change:

Understand that as you let go, there might be periods of uncertainty or discomfort. Remember, much like the bare trees of winter, this is just a phase. Soon, with spring, will come renewal. By releasing what no longer serves you, space is created for dreaming and inspiration.

The fall equinox isn't merely a shift in the calendar but a spiritual invitation. As the trees prepare to shed their leaves in a glorious symphony of colors, may we too find the strength and grace to release what no longer aligns with our soul's journey, making space for the new blessings that await.

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