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Change Toolkit

What’s in your Change Toolkit?

Yes – you should have one… a Change Toolbox. Because Change is going to show up and surprise you and you’ll handle it better if you’re prepared!

Of course – you’ll need courage. And patience. And curiosity. But I’m not talking about HOW you deal with change.

I’m talking about having some serious tools you can use to figure out what’s changing, how it's changing, and whether you want it to change.

Join me – Ahriana Platten, “the Changemaker” – to fill your toolbox with useful, practical, powerful tools for change.



Ahriana Platten is a gifted spiritual leader. She combines a remarkable set of skills. She is a gifted ritualist, a solid community-builder, and a strategic business innovator. She‘s the real deal. I love her. My wife loves her, and my family loves her. She is someone I recommend without reservation.

Ahriana is an amazing coach, counselor, and spiritual teacher, with a wealth of expertise in the business and marketing arena.