Practical Wisdom: Choice is a Superpower

Pracitcal Wisdom with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

I've always believed that our connections and shared experiences are what truly enrich our journey on this planet.

It's a delight to hear from so many of you, reaching out, seeking guidance, and sharing your own wisdom. The universe seems to have spoken through your letters, nudging me to embark on this "Practical Wisdom" series.

Over the next couple of months, I invite you to join me in exploring life's pearls of wisdom. Let's dive deep, uncover insights, and enrich our collective journey, one gem of knowledge at a time.


The Magic of Choices

Choices are at the very core of our existence. They sculpt our path, define our legacy, and determine the quality of our life. If I could encapsulate my entire life's teachings into one golden nugget for my descendants, it would be this age-old adage: “Choice is life’s superpower.” Make good choices and you’re likely to have a good life. It's a mantra I've lived by.

  • But how do we ensure that our choices are truly in harmony with our highest self? After all, it's one thing to say, "make good choices," but entirely another to understand the art and science behind it. Let's demystify that today!

  • Practice Mindfulness: The world around us is often bustling with noise and distractions. To truly understand what we desire, we need to quiet the noise. This doesn’t require hours of meditation. Simply taking deep breaths, grounding yourself, and being present can create the space you need to make sound decisions. You can be quiet in your home, in your car, on a walk, or sitting on your porch (my favorite place.

  • Do Your Research: Just as a jeweler examines a gem from all sides before assessing its value, arm yourself with information from multiple angles. Knowledge empowers and illuminates the path of wisdom – and most of us have Google at our fingertips!

  • Consider Multiple Perspectives: A single story never defines reality. By seeking various viewpoints, we can gain a holistic understanding, ensuring that our decisions are well-rounded and considerate. Talk with trusted friends.

  • Prioritize Empathy: The tapestry of life is interwoven with our connections to others. When making choices, let's ensure they’re tinted with kindness, understanding the ripple effect they can create in the lives of those around us. Ask yourself, “Who else will be affected by this choice?”

  • Accept That Mistakes Happen: In the journey of life, we're all learners. While our aim is always to make the best choice, sometimes we may miss the mark. Instead of berating ourselves, let’s cherish these moments for the lessons they bring. You can always make a new choice!

  • Stay True to Your Values: Just as the North Star guides sailors through the darkest nights, our values are our guiding light. Ensure that your choices reflect who you truly are. Before making a decision, give some thought to what you truly value in life.

  • Review and Reflect: After every decision, take a step back. Analyze the outcomes, understand the
    learning, and continuously refine your decision-making palette.

Remember, “Choice is your superpower!” When you make good choices, your life gets better and better!




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