The Multidimensional Mosaic of The Holy

Pracitcal Wisdom with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

We had SUCH a great conversation in Sacred Space this week.

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Anyhoo… We talked about multidimensionality. You see, there’s some incredible science that suggests we are multidimensional beings! Wise people of many faiths and spiritual walks have been telling us the same thing for a very long time (How did they know?) and now science is showing us.

Diving into this concept naturally opens the door to many questions. For instance - If we inhabit a universe (or multiverse) teeming with unseen dimensions, what does this reveal about the idea of a Higher Power? This question is as ancient as humanity itself, and through the lens of multidimensionality, it gains new dimensions—pun intended.


God in the Gaps of Understanding

Traditionally, we've believed God, Great Spirit, Divine Consciousness (or whatever name you choose to use) exists in the gaps of our understanding, a Divine Architect behind the mysteries of the universe. However, as science has progressed, shrinking these gaps, the concept of a Higher Power has evolved. In a multidimensional universe, the Divine is not relegated to the shadows of our ignorance but is instead seen as the weaver and the threads of an infinitely complex and interconnected cosmic fabric. My personal perspective is that “God” is the underlying fabric everything is made of (including us). This perspective does not diminish the Divine but instead magnifies its majesty and presence. If the Divine is the fabric of the Universe - then it is ever-present in us.

A God Beyond Dimensions

If we indeed live in a universe with multiple dimensions, many of which are beyond our perception and comprehension, it suggests a concept of the Holy that is unfathomably transcendent. Such a Presence would not be bound by the physical laws and dimensions that govern our reality. Instead, this Divine Presence could exist outside of time and space, while encompassing and existing within all time and space.

Interconnectedness and Oneness

The idea of multidimensionality resonates with spiritual concepts like oneness and interconnectedness. If everything is part of a grand, multidimensional Presence, then every particle, every being, and every thought is a thread in the Divine tapestry. This suggests a view of the Holy not just as a creator or ruler but as the very essence of existence itself. (Yes! That’s exactly what I think the Holy is!) Such a perspective fosters a deeper sense of unity and harmony with the universe, encouraging us to see the Divine in all aspects of our lives and in one another.

A Call to Expand Our Spiritual Horizons

The exploration of multidimensionality and its implications invites us to expand our spiritual horizons. It encourages us to seek a personal relationship with the Divine, one that transcends traditional boundaries and embraces the limitless possibilities of the cosmos. Whether through prayer, meditation, scientific inquiry, or the simple act of marveling at the night sky, we are invited to connect and find comfort in the mystery and wonder of existence.


It challenges us to consider the possibility that the universe, with all its dimensions, is a more miraculous and mystical place than we ever imagined. And perhaps, in this grand, multidimensional cosmos, the idea of The Holy evolves into something infinitely more amazing.

As we stand at the threshold of new discoveries and spiritual insights, let's embrace the journey with open hearts and minds, ready to explore the infinite facets of the Divine. In the mystery of the multidimensional, may we find new paths to compassion and connection, both with the universe and with the Divine Essence that permeates all things. Let us know the Presence of the indwelling Divine that lives, moves and breaths through us and as us.

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