Practical Wisdom Series: Tenacity: Learning from Mother Nature's Quiet Strength

Pracitcal Wisdom with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

Oh, do I have a heartwarming tale to share with you. Imagine you're driving through the scenic stretches of Ute Pass, Colorado. Nestled on the edge of a mountain, where the sky hugs the earth, there's this one tree, standing alone out on the edge. She might look like any other tree to the casual observer. But let me tell you, she's got a soul of her own.

Planted in a bed of sparkling white quartz, she shines in her own understated way. And the vibe around her? Calming yet invigorating, like a cup of hot cocoa for the spirit. Mark and I were blessed to spend some intimate moments with her, absorbing her quiet but undeniable strength. In fact, more than twenty years ago, we even took the kids to dress her in holiday finery, tinsel and all!

Then life changed, as it often does. In 2012, the Waldo Canyon fire swept through and closed off the trail leading to her. Still, whenever I find myself driving on the nearby highway, I glance up, and there she is. Standing tall and unyielding against nature's trials—be it rain, fire, or wind. It's as if she whispers to all those who know her: "Here I am, resilient as ever."

Once, when we went to visit, we noticed that someone had hung a small hand carved wooden sign from her bough that said “Tenacity.” We’ve called her by that name ever since, because, honestly, what else could capture that incredible will to thrive in the face of all life's challenges?

Isn't it comforting to know that, like Tenacity, we can all find a way to stand strong, no matter what comes our way? Here’s what she’s taught us:

Ground Yourself:

Tenacity is rooted deep, unwavering against the world's whims. Find a quiet moment daily. Reflect on what anchors you, be it family, a cherished dream, or a personal mantra. This grounding force is your resilience bedrock.

Seek Sunshine and Embrace the Rain:

No doubt, life's a mix of the sunny and stormy. On those sun-soaked days, take a moment to bask in gratitude. When the clouds gather, don’t just look for silver linings; embrace the nourishment that comes from the rain. Every challenge is sprinkled with lessons.

Grow at Your Own Pace:

Just as Tenacity didn't grow towering overnight, understand your journey's rhythm. Break your goals into smaller steps, cherishing each tiny victory. Your growth story is uniquely yours; savor its pace.

Stay Green Amidst the Snow:

Tenacity stays green, even when blanketed in snow, showing resilience in stillness. When facing challenges, remember to maintain your essence, your core. Life might throw its icy patches, but your inner evergreen spirit can thrive amidst them.

Lean on Your Forest:

Every tree is part of a bigger story, a larger forest. Keep close ties with your support tribe. Be it family, friends, or community, their strength can uplift and guide you. Shared growth is double the joy!

Drawing inspiration from our beloved friend, Tenacity, we can all find the courage to brave life’s storms and celebrate its sunny spells.

Stand tall and steadfast and remember: Just as this solitary evergreen etches an unforgettable silhouette against the raw, expansive backdrop of a mountain, your personal journey, with its ever-changing highs and lows, carves out a deeply meaningful and irreplaceable mark on the vast canvas of existence. Every twist, every turn, and every quiet moment in your story resonates with a timeless beauty, echoing the age-old resilience of nature herself.

Want to learn more from Ahriana?

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