Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

Pracitcal Wisdom with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

Why is it important to bridge the gap between the wisdom teachings of the past and the practical challenges of today?

Because, in our fast-paced modern world, where technology and science reign supreme, we’ve forgotten or discarded so much of the basic wisdom our ancestors used to live in harmony with the Earth and each other.

This wisdom, steeped in the practices and beliefs of ancient civilizations, offers insights into the cosmos, spirituality, and the essence of existence. It’s fascinating how these ancient teachings can be applied to our contemporary lives, providing solace, understanding, and a deeper connection to the world around us.

The Timeless Teachings of Ancient Civilizations

Ancient civilizations had an intricate understanding of the natural world and our place within it. They observed the stars, revered the Earth, and lived by the cycles of nature. These practices were not just a way of life but a path to understanding the universe's mysteries.

For example, the Egyptians' elaborate rituals surrounding death and the afterlife reveal complex considerations about the soul's journey beyond this life. The Book of the Dead, an ancient Egyptian funerary text, emphasizes the importance of moral integrity, and offers teachings about resurrection and eternal life.

The Sumerians, credited with the creation of one of the world’s earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia, attributed natural phenomena and the fortunes of war and harvest to divine will. Their spiritual practices, including temple rituals and the sharing of epic mythology like the stories of Inanna and Gilgamesh, reflect a deep understanding of human emotions. Inanna’s descent into the underworld, for example, teaches us to remove the false coverings that keep us from powerful and authentic expression.

Similarly, the Mayans, known for their astronomical achievements and precise calendar systems, integrated their understanding of the cosmos with their spiritual beliefs. Their rituals, which included sophisticated mathematical calculations to predict celestial events, were not just scientific endeavors but acts of worship, connecting them with the divine rhythms of the universe. From them we can learn the value of blending the gifts of science and spirituality.

Indigenous tribes across the world, from the Native Americans to the Aboriginal Australians, have maintained a sacred bond with the Earth, viewing it as a living, breathing entity. Their spiritual practices, deeply rooted in respect for nature, involve rituals, storytelling, and human interconnection that aim us towards living in whole and healthy ways.

Integrating Ancient Wisdom into Modern Life

The question arises: How can we apply this ancient wisdom in a modern context?

The answer lies in recognizing the universal truths these ancient practices reveal—truths about our connection to the natural world, the power of community, and the deep reservoirs of strength and wisdom within us.

Embracing Community-Led Solutions: Ancient societies thrived on strong community bonds and collective decision-making. By fostering community-led initiatives, we can tackle issues like social isolation, urban planning, and local governance more effectively, ensuring decisions are made with the community’s direct input and benefit.

Sustainable Agricultural Practices: The ancient techniques of crop rotation, companion planting, and permaculture practiced by indigenous peoples and civilizations can teach us much about sustainable farming. These methods can improve soil health, increase biodiversity, and reduce our dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Mindfulness and Mental Health: Practices such as meditation and yoga, rooted in ancient traditions, offer proven benefits for mental health, including reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. Integrating these practices into our daily lives and healthcare systems can provide holistic approaches to mental wellness.

Natural Medicine and Healing: Many modern pharmaceuticals are derived from plants and herbs that were first used in ancient medicine. Reinvestigating these natural remedies and incorporating certain ancient health practices can complement modern medicine.

Circular Economies: Inspired by the ancient concept of cyclical time and renewal, modern circular economies focus on designing out waste and promoting the reuse of resources, mirroring the ancient practices of resource efficiency and respect for nature.

Architectural Wisdom: Ancient architectural principles, such as those used in constructing energy-efficient homes in ancient Iran or the water conservation systems of the Romans, can inspire modern building designs that minimize environmental impact.

Community Health and Wellness: Ancient civilizations often had communal baths, sports, and recreational activities that fostered physical health and social cohesion. Modern communities can reintegrate public spaces dedicated to exercise, relaxation, and socializing to enhance both physical and mental health.

Ethical and Moral Frameworks: The moral and ethical codes that guided ancient societies, such as the Native American principle of considering seven generations when engaging in decision-making, can inform our approach to justice, governance, and environmental stewardship, ensuring we act with integrity and foresight.

Astronomy and Calendrical Systems: Ancient knowledge of the stars and calendars can inspire modern approaches to time management and the understanding of our place in the cosmos. This can lead to a greater appreciation of natural cycles and rhythms, influencing everything from how we grow food to our work-life balance.

The wisdom of our ancestors is not just a relic of the past, it’s knowledge that can inspire innovative solutions to the challenges we face today.

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