Shelley Astrof

Shelley Astrof is a Doctor of Meditation and Peace Pioneer with extensive experience in education. She has her M.Ed. from McGill University. She taught elementary school in both the public and private sectors of Montreal and ran a small school in India. During her time at McGill University she worked on numerous research projects as well as teaching off-campus B.Ed. courses in the James Bay Region of Northern Quebec. In addition she worked as a tutor on film sets for child actors.

She holds a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Yog Science, Vedant Philosophy, and the Theory and Practice of Meditation. 

She is the author of The Knower Curriculum: Teach Meditation to Children with Timeless Tales, Timeless Tales: Stories from The Knower Curriculum, and was a contributing author in the books The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques and Sacred Death

With four decades in association with a Meditation Master in the Himalayas of India, she offers a unique perspective on meditation. As an expert meditation teacher, she will help you see beyond your visible world. As you close your eyes in meditation, you open your inner eye to your eternal true nature, your inner guidance that grounds you in your own joy and well-being, the Knower of who you really are.

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