Are you fed up with all the online *gurus* who act like they're experts... but don't really know what they’re talking about?

Are you searching for master teachers you can trust?

That’s why I created The Spiritual Collective, a library of teachings by spiritual masters who’ve done the real work, live from the philosophies they teach, and can really help you grow -personally and spiritually.
So many people have asked me how to find a great teacher. I must admit I’m often shocked to hear their stories! The fact is, in the online world anyone (anyone!) can claim to be an expert even if they are not.

Your personal and spiritual growth is far too important to put into the hands of inexperienced teachers who talk a good game but have no business teaching.

And the money they charge! Hundreds and thousands of dollars - for what?

Leading a spiritual life in today's changing world comes with unique (intense!) challenges. I’ve been blessed to work with true master teachers – colleagues who’ve studied for decades and are experienced enough to share the kind of authentic and experiential wisdom you can rely on to transform your life!

In The Spiritual Collective you’ll explore a wide variety of topics, and sample master teachers. When you find a teacher (or two) you really enjoy, all the information is available to contact them personally and learn more from them.


Unlock the comprehensive library of spiritual trainings, resources, ceremonies, and more inside the Spiritual Collective:
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"Like topping up at the gas station or a fast charge for your electric vehicle."

"Dr. Ahriana Platten is a sheer force of compassion and manifest wisdom. For me she has been glorious intersections of life defining moments. Every encounter with her is like topping up at the gas station or a fast charge for your electric vehicle. It's an honor to call her friend and mentor."

- Pastor Andrew Wilmot, Director Overcomers South Africa

"I'm amazed at the growth Ahriana helped me experience."

"Ahriana's in-depth knowledge, spiritual aptitude and excellent communication skills challenged me to view the world in a way that has altered my life in an extremely positive fashion. I thank her for being a beautiful part of my life."

- Sharon Meyer, Colorado Springs, CO

Dive deep into the well of intuition

Immerse yourself in life-changing rites, rituals, & sacred ceremonies

Step onto the path of conscious living & creativity

Establish relationships with people around the world

Meet and be guided by authentic Master Teachers

Learn how to live on-purpose

The expert support you need to fuel your spiritual journey.

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As a member of the Spiritual Collective, you have access to teachings on everything from quantum consciousness to sacred economics.

Improve your body image, release trauma, learn how to meditate and care for your tarot cards!

And, The Spiritual Collective is always growing.

We regularly add new classes from contemporary leaders who are intuitive, visionary, and aligned with the real world challenges we’re all facing.

So – if you’re tired of messing around with novices and ready to study with true master teachers, I invite you to join me in The Spiritual Collective. I’ll see you inside!

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You've finally found the community in which you truly belong.

The community that gets you and honors the path that you're on

And you never have to feel like you're on your own again.
Live Summits so you can practice applying the strategies you'll learn inside the Spiritual Collective in real time. 
24/7 access to our growing on-demand library of video trainings and tutorials to answer your most pressing questions about how to run your business. 
Virtual community gatherings so you can build authentic relationship within a safe, supportive community that really gets (and appreciates!) the work that you do.
Live Q&A office hours with Soul-full World Founder, Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten, to get personalized answers to your questions in real time. 


Guidance on growing and directing your spiritual practice so you can make an even greater impact in the lives of those around you.
In person retreats and meet-ups across the globe so you can strengthen your connections and deepen your learning face-to-face.

We all move through seasons and cycles of transformation

The very Earth echoes the importance of our life's rhythms and cycles through the seasons of the year. Join us as we walk through these seasons together. 

When you join us inside the Spiritual Collective, you'll learn how to transform through every season with ease.

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The Art of Connecting with Nature ebook

By Mark Platten

Rites and Rituals: Harnessing the Power of Sacred Ceremony ebook

Harness the power of sacred ceremony with Ahriana's latest book.

Power Up Your Intuition

Learn all about intuition and how to use it in this one-hour class.

"A unique ability to calm and comfort, all the while producing desired results under some very challenging circumstances."

"Ahriana always answers queries with positive, insightful answers that help each individual to better understand the forces at work in their lives and how to use those forces to move ahead in the world."

- Niki De Soto, Huntsville, TX

"Healing and growth in a safe, supportive environment."

"Ahriana's ability to open avenues of clear communication is fantastic. Her compassion and clarity, combined with a deep inner wisdom and courage, help bring forth healing and growth, in a safe, supportive environment."

- Abigail Spinner McBride, Las Vegas, NV



All 30 Days of Simple Ceremonies & Reflections
Live Office Hours Q&A with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten so you can get personalized advice
 Summits to learn the latest in cutting-edge strategies in real time
 Rites, rituals, and sacred ceremonies to guide and direct you through change, challenge, and celebration as a professional
+ ...and more!

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$564 ONLY $363 PER YEAR

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 All 30 Days of Simple Ceremonies & Reflections
 Live Office Hours Q&A with Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten so you can get personalized advice
 Summits to learn the latest in cutting-edge strategies in real time
 Rites, rituals, and sacred ceremonies to guide and direct you through change, challenge, and celebration as a professional
+ ...and more!
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The Soul-full Spiritual Collective is NOT right for you if...

+ You’re looking for a quick "solution" scheme rather than investing time in your growth
+ You undervalue the wisdom that comes from experience and education
+ You like your life to feel chaotic (We focus on peace and ease around here!)
 + You’re uninterested in developing meaningful relationships
+ You’re looking for a place to prove how much you already know
+ You believe all education should be free
+ You feel the need to proselytize or convert people of other faith traditions

The Soul-full Spiritual Collective is perfect for you if...

+ You want to grow in your unique gifts and make a difference
+ You’re longing for a community of uplifting peers dedicated to personal growth and transformation
+ You're passionate about living in sync with all of nature
+ You value quality relationships and are willing to invest time in them
+ You tend to be optimistic but sometimes need tools and inspiration to get through hard times
+ You value diversity and all backgrounds and cultures
+ You're ready to be seen as a leader, either in your personal relationships, or in the broader transformation industry
+ You want to grow a spiritual business that makes a lasting positive impact in the local and global community
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Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten
I’ve been where you are and I’ve successfully created the life I love living.

Over the past 3 decades, I’ve taught thousands of people how to use transformation tools and techniques to create fulfilling and purpose-fueled lives. As a visionary, senior business advisor and wisdom-keeper in numerous spiritual traditions, I’ve invested years in becoming a master teacher, and I know what it takes to be successful. I’ve overcome more challenges than I care to mention using the exact tools you’ll find within the Soul-full Spiritual Collective.

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"Ahriana holds a remarkable combination of skills. She is a gifted ritualist, service leader, manager, and businessperson."

"If you want to grow spiritually and if you want to grow in wisdom and spirit, work with Ahriana Platten. You will not be disappointed. I love her. My family loves her. I recommend Ahriana Platten without qualification and with great enthusiasm."

- Rev. Roger Butts

"Ahriana inspires us to manifest our better selves and in doing so, the lives around us are better for it."

"Ahriana sees beyond the surface of not only an individual, but humanity as a whole. In looking deeper and connecting with us at an intimate but not intrusive level, she comes alongside us as we are, where we are, and reveals parts of ourselves that were previously unknown or unfamiliar to our own consciousness."

- Tracie Wood, Colorado Springs, CO


You’ll learn from leaders in the field of transformation, be part of an authentic, life affirming community, and elevate the life-changing work you love to a new level

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