Saffire Bouchelion


My intention is to get as many people embody-d as possible, utilizing the skills that I know most intimately as an international, professional performer, movement educator, and percussionist. I have played percussion and provided vocals on over 50 CD’s and have been the opener for several international acts. My work centers around creating a deeper sense of embodiment——in•embody•ment——self-empowerment, and self-expression through the use of sound, movement, pulse, beat, space, pause, and rhythm. I utilize my Dance into Being work, the Nia Technique, World drumming styles and rhythms, my level one ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training, and the exploration of the deep connection between body and voice. When we are each in relationship with the same pulse, we are in relationship with each other. This is the essence of true community. Grounded, body-aware, open-hearted, and curious people are what the planet needs now!

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