Mark Platten

As founder of Integral Man Institute, Mark helps men come into alignment with their highest self through exploration of Jungian archetypes, the four subtle bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and practical application in their lives. 

Mark’s bestselling book, The Art of Connecting With Nature, is an anthology of 22 co-authors sharing how they connect in nature and various rites, rituals, ceremonies, and practices that the readers can implement and expand their relationship to nature.

On the academic/professional side, Mark has an MBA in Organizational Management, was an Air Force Officer, taught natural resources at the collegiate level, traveled internationally for 16 years as the lead environmental specialists for large, 100-700 million-dollar projects; and, for the past 14 years, he has been faculty at Colorado State University Extension.

Mark’s drive lies in helping people find their passion, purpose, and path through the development of the integral human and connecting in nature. He integrates brain science, indigenous wisdom, rites/rituals/ceremonies, connection with nature and the practical application in the physical realm (in the form of action), to become our best version.

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