Maeven Eller-Five

Maeven Eller-Five has devoted her life to facilitating spiritual opportunities and events for those seeking a greater understanding about their personal path. Her coordination of classes, workshops, and weekend events, eventually lead her to the founding of a non-profit interfaith community center, devoted to those seeking their spirituality outside the mainstream traditions. Devoted to helping seekers find their way, she has served on on a variety of community based non-profit boards. During her career, Maeven has also been active in the interfaith community on a local, state, and national level. She is currently a Partner in The Parliament of World Religions. 

A noted psychic, Maeven Eller-Five is a professional tarot reader, life coach, and mentor. She is a workshop coordinator on a variety of topics relating to spiritual growth and development and also writes articles on related topics. Currently, she continues to coordinate events and guided adventures for her greater community.

Maeven’s body of work has lead her to appear in newspaper and magazine articles, television appearances, documentaries, and books. 

She is passionate about gardening, foraging, and traveling with her soul mate. 

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