Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions

Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions: Free meditation & Daily Inspiration

It’s time to Rest, Revitalize, and Reimagine Your Life!

Winter begins on December 21st. If you’re living on the northern hemisphere, like me, we’re as far away from the sun as we’ll be this year, and our energy is at its lowest. That’s natural! Like plants and other animals, we’re energized by sunlight. When the sunlight is dim, it’s time to turn inward.

During the dark time of the year, nature invites us to slow down (“hibernate”), open to the dreamtime, and imagine all the myriad possibilities that could come into being when the spring equinox brings us into the season of full light and energy.

Our habit is to go mental this time of year, analyzing where we are, and making decisions about our future.

Often these decisions involve restrictions and self-discipline. The thing is – we’re in a time of year when embodiment brings joy and well-being. (Go ahead – one cookie won’t hurt you!) For more than 2000 years, those who read the stars have described the days around winter solstice as a time of celebration and pleasure. Are you willing to slow down a bit and let yourself enjoy life?

Give yourself permission to have some fun over the holidays, then rest and dream, but don’t decide what you want to create in your life until the sun returns in the spring.

You’ll have the energy to reach your goals then. For now, settle into your body and notice how you’re feeling. Do what makes you feel good -- and open to the dreamtime. Wisdom comes to us through our dreams.

I’d like to give you a gift!

Click here to receive an inspirational message and short meditation to help you “Rest, Revitalize and Reimagine” your life once a week until Spring equinox. I’d love to help you sink deep into this beautiful wintery season of contemplation and inner connection.

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Rest, Revitalize, and Reimagine --- what a lovely way to spend the winter months!

I look forward to sharing this season with you!

Live Soulfully,


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