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Power Up Your Intuition

We’re all born with intuition and, like a muscle, it improves with use. When we consciously develop our intuitive skills, life becomes easier and more manageable – and our decision-making improves dramatically.

Your intuition is a superpower! It opens the door to discovering your life purpose and takes decision-making from “this or that” into the world of infinite possibilities. It guides you and helps you discern which path is the right path for your life. But how do you identify, POWER UP, and use your intuition? In the next 45 minutes, Ahriana will tell you everything you need to know!



Ahriana is an amazing coach, counselor, and spiritual teacher, with a wealth of expertise in the business and marketing arena.

Ahriana Platten is a gifted spiritual leader. She combines a remarkable set of skills. She is a gifted ritualist, a solid community-builder, and a strategic business innovator. She‘s the real deal. I love her. My wife loves her, and my family loves her. She is someone I recommend without reservation.