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Soul-Full is a global wisdom community that provides transformative spiritual learning online and in-person. There are lots and lots of freebies to explore on our website. And, for those looking for more in-depth study and personal interaction, or who want to help provide ongoing financial support for our work, we offer membership.

As a member of the Soul-Full community, you’ll have access to:

  • An expanding library of pre-recorded classes and workshops by experts in the fields of spirituality, personal growth, and wellness.
  • A weekly members-only podcast featuring spiritual masters and people of interest.
  • Live office hours each week – pop into our member’s only zoom room and ask an expert! It’s up close and personal.  The hours vary each week so, no matter what your schedule is, there is a time you can join us.
  • A monthly members-only newsletter chock-full of articles and features
  • Our private members-only Facebook community where you can get to know like-minded people and people who think differently from you.
  • Bonus courses and classes are only available to members, including recordings – at no charge!
  • Member-only quarterly summits
  • Online concerts and special events
  • And whatever we add as membership grows.

We are a brand-new community, and we understand that becoming a member is a statement of your faith in us. Because we are launching our membership in 2022 and appreciate the confidence you’re placing in us as we grow, we’re offering you membership at a price of $22 per month. If you sign up for membership anytime in 2022, you’ll be guaranteed this low price, for as long as you remain a member. 

However, if you cancel your membership at any point and want to rejoin later, you will rejoin at whatever the current price of membership is when you rejoin. Our anticipated price for membership in 2023 will be $47-$97 per month, so joining this year (in 2022) could be a big saving for you.

Our membership provides the ongoing financial support needed to provide transformative information for our community and to engage in philanthropic efforts that are life-changing.  We appreciate your support more than words can express! 


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