Laura Di Franco


Laura Di Franco, MPT is the CEO of Brave Healer Productions, where they publish world-changing wellness books. She spent 30 years in holistic physical therapy and 12 of those in private practice, before making the pivot to publishing. With 14-years of training in the martial arts, and 25 books and counting, including 19 Amazon bestsellers, she’s got a preference for badass in every way.
Her daily mission is to help fellow wellness practitioners and healers change the world in less time with brave words, and more effective business strategy. She shares her authentic journey, wisdom, and expertise with refreshing transparency and straight forward badassery. Hold on to your seat because riding alongside her means you’ll be pushed into and beyond your comfort zone and having way more fun with your purpose-driven fears.
When Laura chills out you’ll find her with a mojito at a poetry event with friends, driving her Mustang, bouncing to the beat at a rave, or on a beach in Mexico with something made of dark chocolate in her mouth. 

Programs by this Teacher

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