A community of religious, spiritual, and educational leaders
modeling respectful, honest and engaging interfaith dialogue.



Ahriana Platten

Dr. Ahriana Platten is an international speaker, best-selling author, and courage builder, who helps people find their sacred purpose and live from it. She’s a Master Ceremonialist and Practical Mystic who is widely appreciated for her authenticity, her professional insights, and her coaching on the process of change.


Alycia Erickson

Rev. Alycia Erickson’s passion is working with the LGBTQI and straight communities, and is the pastor of Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church.


Arnie Bass

Arnie Bass is Bishop of the Sunset Mesa Ward in Colorado Springs. He was called to his current position in April 2018.    Since 1991 he has served in the Church in a variety of positions having both spiritual and administrative responsibilities.

As bishop he conducts the temporal and spiritual affairs of his congregation helping members and families increase their temporal and spiritual strength and their knowledge of Jesus Christ and of His Great Plan of Happiness.

Arnie loves learning of, teaching of, and testifying of Jesus Christ and inviting all those willing to come unto Christ with full purpose of heart. He first learned of The Church in 1991 after having completed a 21-year military career in the Air Force. Upon hearing the message of Jesus Christ from Church missionaries, he subsequently joined the Church in August 1991

Arshad Yousufi

Arshad Yousufi is a believing and practicing Muslim, spokesman for the Islamic Society of Colorado Springs, and retired Electrical Engineer.

Benn Mac Stiofánl

Benn Mac Stiofán is the founder of the Dún Mór Druid Order based in Colorado Springs. A native to Colorado Springs with Scottish and Irish ancestry Benn was given his interest in Celtic heritage by his Grandmother Suzanne. A dedicated and starry eyed devotee of the Goddess Brigit, Benn hopes to understand the vast knowledge the natural world provides in practical, spiritual, and ethical terms. Benn is a lifelong student of the Irish language (in both it’s modern and older forms) and is currently translating folk stories from Irish to English. Humanities internalized abandonment pain must be acknowledged and healed if we are to move forward as a species and realize our collective dán. Dán is an Old Irish term that refers to the poetry of life that moves us towards our destiny. Annihilating the illusion of separation between ourselves and the “Other” is what Druidry is all about.

Bruce Coriell

Bruce Coriell served as a chaplain in colleges and universities for over 35 years. Co-founder of Pikes Peak Interfaith Council and Pikes Peak InterReligious Clergy Alliance. These days you are most likely to find him off wandering rivers and mountains.

Bryan Garner

Rev. Bryan Garner, is a published author, Ninjutsu instructor, lecturer, and Western ceremonial magician. He is currently pursuing ordination into the Apostolic Gnostic Priesthood of the Apostolic Johannite Church. 

David Gardiner

David Gardiner is professor in the Colorado College Religion department, specializing in Buddhism and religions of China and Japan, and is cofounder and director of BodhiMind Center.

Dawuud Salaam

Dawud Salaam hails from Macon, Georgia. Dawud is a school social worker. Dawud is a graduate of the University of Denver, where he is Poet and Spoken Word Artist. Dawud regularly delivers sermons at the local mosque in Colorado Springs.

Eric Sandras

Eric Sandras, PhD- Author of four books, “Dr. E” currently leads The Sanctuary Church in the heart of Old Colorado City and teaches graduate courses in Human Sexuality, counseling, and psychology.

Jeff Scholes

Jeffrey Scholes, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Julia McKay

Rev Julia McKay is the minister of High Plains Church, Unitarian Universalist, and a professional Spiritual Companion dedicated to embodied life practices that help evolve our inner wisdom. Julia is a cultural creative who readily draws on her 30+ years serving as a minister, educator, psychotherapist, social activist, musician and InterPlay leader.

She has spent a lifetime inquiring into methods and spiritual practices that enhance our deepest ways of knowing and allow the unique essence within each person to be revealed. She believes that the experience of "coming home to ourselves" reveals our sense of purpose and well-being, and stimulates the courage to act in meaningful and justice-oriented ways that build vibrant community and serve the world.

Jim Daly

Jim Daly is president of Focus on the Family, an organization dedicated to helping families thrive. He and his wife are raising two boys. To find help for your family, please visit

Nori Rost

Rev. Dr. Nori Rost is the minister at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church downtown and has been a community activist in Colorado Springs for 20 years.

Ray Hendershot

Ray Hendershot has served as a Bishop and held other key leadership positions.   He served a mission is England teaching about God and the mission of Jesus Christ.

Sarah Bender

Sarah Bender is a Roshi (Senior Teacher) in the Koan Zen Buddhist tradition.  She is resident teacher for Springs Mountain Sangha, a Zen community in Colorado Springs (, where she offers talks, retreats, classes and individual consultation with people engaged in meditative practice.

Steven Todd

Dr. Steven Todd has served as an evangelical pastor, community leader and mission executive for over 30 years. He also directs the Kings University’s Colorado extension campus

Walli Carranza

Rabbi Walli Carranza, Ph.D., graduated from the Jewish Spiritual Leaders Seminary and is serving as a Rabbinical Fellow, responsible for developing innovative programs for both the Jewish and interfaith communities.

Paul Schwotzer

Paul Schwotzer has created one of the most welcoming recording studios in the region. True Fidelity Studio is known by local musicians for its high quality sound and never ending hospitality. Paul spent several decades as a software engineer for Hewlett Packard and Agilent.