Beloved community, 
It’s my great pleasure to introduce you to our esteemed faculty. Every individual you see here has been fully vetted by me and may be considered a Master in their field. Our faculty spans many continents, many generations, and has an amazing cornucopia of skills. Take time to get to know each of them. They are remarkable people who genuinely care to be of service. Click on the pictures to see each person’s full biography and learn more about them. Then check the calendar and the Explore section of our website to see what they are offering for free. And, of course, if you've signed up for membership, you will be invited to members-only classes offered by these wonderful spiritual educators and change-makers. We hope you enjoy getting to know them and we are honored to have them as faculty members.
Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten

Afrah Caraballo

 President and CEO of FamilyROCS. A licensed clinical social worker, writer, and educator based in Colorado Springs

Asherah Allen

 Certified Spiritual Counselor, Meditation Guide, and Master Healer 

Amy Gillespie-Dougherty

 Creator of Irigenics® Ancestral Eye Reading and The Ancestors Within (Book Series)

Andrew Watt

An astrologer, textile artist, poet and consultant

Bonnie Willow

 Founder: The School of Peace, teaching meditation for Consciousness Expansion, Wellness and Peace.

Carole Park

Lightworker and professional healer. A teacher of Infinite Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga and Meditation

Chandni Rodriguez

Meditative Yoga Instruction. The Yoga of Gurani Anjali LLC. Teachings based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the expression of the yogic embodiment of Gurani Anjali.


Connie Castro

 An ever-evolving expressionista, coach, and practical mystic—passionate about supporting you to become the highest expression of yourself that you most want to be.

Heather Stewart

An anxiety and confidence coach, podcast host, and international bestselling author

Janet Farnsworth

 Body empowerment coach and shame buster, helps women become best friends with their bodies

Laura Di Franco

 CEO of Brave Healer Productions, where they publish world-changing wellness books...

Maeven Eller-Five

 Psychic Tarot Reader and Facilitator of Spiritual Community and Events

Mark Platten

 Founder of Integral Man Institute and Amazon Bestselling Author

Saffire Bouchelion

 Embodyologist, International Professional Performer, Movement Educator, and Percussionist.

Shelley Astrof

 Doctor of Meditation, Peace Pioneer, and Master Teacher of Knower Meditation and Highest Awareness

Faculty Application

Our faculty is fully vetted. If you’re interested in joining our teaching team, please take a moment to complete the information below and submit it. Our founder, Ahriana, will reach out to you to schedule a conversation. We’d love to know more about you and see if it’s a good fit for you and for us.

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