Connie Castro


Hi! I’m Connie

An ever-evolving expressionista, coach and practical mystic—passionate about supporting you to become the highest expression of yourself that you most want to be. Shift from fear to self-assurance. Transform your negative self-talk to self-affirming support. Let go of self-rejection patterns to embrace and express your authentic self.

Why? Feeling afraid, inadequate and unworthy to express our true needs, wants, desires and talents keeps us stuck. I certainly have feared rejection, shame and guilt for both expressing my truth and for not expressing.  It is my life’s work to seek out and share effective, science-based tools that help us get unstuck. My youngest ‘expressionistas’ were 22-week premature infants fresh out of the NICU and my oldest student is 91 years young. I love that!

How can you claim your magnetic power and express your best with confidence, clarity and caring?

  • Identify and cultivate your unique power practices
  • Develop a voice with presence and power 
  • Adopt specific body cues to reinforce your intent and words
  • Harmonize your outer appearance with your highest vision of yourself

About me:  

  • Credentials: BA, Social Work with Distinction; MS, Intervention Programs with Honors
  • Kayaked every western state as far east as ND, into Canada and across the planet to Spain
  • Beauty pageant contestant at age 15: Won Miss Talent (for my rendition of Autumn by Edgar Winter) and 3rd Runner Up (even though I struggled to express myself back then)
  • Certifications: Advanced Breath Therapy, People Skills, Presentation Skills and other fun tools



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