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Rev. Dr. Ahriana Platten, Ph.D.

Priestess, Pastor, Peacemaker

Dr. Ahriana Platten is an international speaker, best-selling author, and courage builder, who helps people find their sacred purpose and live from it. She’s a Master Ceremonialist and Practical Mystic who is widely appreciated for her authenticity, her professional insights, and her coaching on the process of change.

Ahriana's favorite pursuit is traveling the world and exploring its cultural differences and human similarities. She’s engaged in spiritual study her entire life. Raised in a Catholic household, she stretched beyond her religious roots very early, spending her teens and twenties exploring the rites and rituals of indigenous people across the planet. In her thirties and early forties, she focused on Hermetic and Pre-Christian European practices, and most recently, she spent more than a decade studying Metaphysical Christology.  Her personal spiritual practice incorporates a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies that include the concepts of universal consciousness, interconnection, and inherent inner wisdom.

Ahriana was recently featured as a “Wisdom Keeper” in the acclaimed international film and docu-series entitled “Time of the Sixth Sun" where she appears in episodes 5 and 7. She writes for and coordinates the publication of 'In Good Faith,' a weekly interfaith newspaper column offering expert opinions of a spiritual nature from a variety of clergy members and religious educators. 

As a result of her work in the field of Ecospirituality, Ahriana was invited to speak at the Gathering of Indigenous Elders in Nagpur, India in 2009 where she joined religious and tribal leaders from 250 countries. She has been a panelist and presenter for the American Dharma Conference, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions, for whom she served as an ambassador from 2014 to 2019. She founded and served as the Executive Director of the Colorado Ecospiritual Center and the Colorado Interfaith Seminary from 2001 to 2012. In 2013 turned the seminary over to graduate, Rev. Bonnie Willow, who incorporated the program into the offerings of her School of Peace. Ahriana serves as an advisor to numerous ministry students and spiritual leaders.

In 1985 Ahriana began her business career in radio and television broadcasting. She opened a marketing firm in 1988. In 1994, she partnered with a London-based company to form VitAlex International Marketing and served twenty-one years as its president, working bi-vocationally in marketing and ministry for more than twenty years. Ahriana and her team engaged in social impact evaluation, strategic development, and market feasibility analysis - designing studies on these topics for projects in the U.S., China, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Algeria, Vietnam, Maldives, Egypt, Italy, and Switzerland. She retired from Vitalex in 2015 but continues to act as a business consultant for a few select entrepreneurs and offers the Business of Spirituality – a course in ethical profitability and good business practices for spiritual leaders. 

In her free time, Ahriana enjoys writing, spending time with her kids and grandkids, and engaging in deep and meaningful conversation with the love of her life, her husband, Mark.

Published Books

The Changing Story 2021

The Ancestors Within (collaborating author) 2021

Coming Soon:

Strong Mothers – to be released in 2022

Shaman’s Heart – to be released in 2022



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Laralee Wahrmund
San Antonio, Texas


Ahriana has been a very important aspect of my life for almost 20 years, in this lifetime anyway. Her soft voice, inner strength and deep beauty have nurtured me out of more unpleasant circumstances than I care to mention. I believe in her with all of my being, and I'm sure that once you meet her you will feel just the same.



Penelope Olson
Wrenthem, Massachusetts

Ahriana is an amazing Coach, Counselor, and Spiritual Teacher, with a wealth of expertise in the Business/Marketing arena.  And, that's just the part I've had the privilege to experience. When the student is ready the teacher appears.  During the past 7 months with her guidance and teachings, I have become stronger, watched my beliefs change and deepen, and have learned by her example what it means to give of your time - to be dedicated to service.  Ahriana, you're a beautiful expression of Love!  I'm so grateful to you.  Thank you!



Tracie Woods
Colorado Springs

Ahriana sees beyond the surface of not only an individual, but humanity as a whole. In looking deeper and connecting with us at an intimate but not intrusive level, she comes along side us as we are, where we are, and reveals parts of ourselves that were previously unknown or unfamiliar to our own consciousness. She inspires us to manifest our better selves and in doing so, the lives around us are better for it.


Ahriana's ability to open avenues of clear communication is fantastic. Her compassion and clarity, combined with a deep inner wisdom and courage, help bring forth healing and growth, in a safe, supportive environment.

Abigail Spinner McBride

Las Vegas, NV

Ahriana has a unique ability to calm and comfort, all the while producing desired results under some very challenging circumstances. She always answers queries with positive, insightful answers that help each individual to better understand the forces at work in their lives and how to use those forces to move ahead in the world.

Niki De Soto

Huntsville, TX

Ahriana worked with me for a year and I was amazed at the growth she helped me experience. Her in-depth knowledge, spiritual aptitude and excellent communication skills challenged me to view the world in a way that has altered my life in an extremely positive fashion. I thank her for being a beautiful part of my life.

Sharon Meyer

Colorado Springs, CO

I have never met someone as "humanitarian" as Dr Ahriana Platten. The grace and manner in which she conducts her commercial affairs is admirable!

Aleksandra Baranska

London, England

Community     Mission     Founder      Faculty